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Frank Heming’s Nephew

On August 18th, 2005, Steve (sheming99 -at- yahoo -dot- co -dot- uk) from South London wrote:

Frank Arthur Heming was the uncle of my Grandfather, Edward Albert Heming who was awarded the George Cross in WW2. Please see link http://www.gc-database.co.uk/recipients/HemingAE.htm. Found your web site very interesting and informative. If I can be of any help in providing information on the Heming family, please let me know.

Albert Edward HEMING, GC

Peter SharpeNo. & Rank at the Time of Action: Section LeaderUnit/Occupation: Civil Defence Rescue Service, Bermondsey, LondonDate and Place of Birth: 13th June 1910, IrelandFamily:

Early Life:

Date and Place of GC Action: 2nd March 1945, Parkers Row, Bermondsey, London

The London Gazette: 17th July 1945

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Welcome Nooksters

To My New Guestbook! ~ an attempt to eliminate spammers. Here’s hoping this effort works. Please enter your comments here. You will need to enter a name and valid e-mail address, however your e-mail will not show to the public. If you have a home page, you may enter its URL. Thank you.
~~Neddy of Neddy’s Nook on the Net

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