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Ellinor Branch

Hi Edna: It's been a long time since we compared notes, but I wanted to ask you if you have any idea who Ellinor Branch'es parents were. Could Martha Branch have been her mother? And was Ellinor for sure the mother of John, Jr's. children? I don't see that any of them or their children were named after her. Also, did she and John, Jr. marry in Chesterfield Co., Buckingham Co., or somewhere else? I know John, Jr. fought in the Rev. War. as there were several by that name. I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts on these questions. If I can share anything of the Nunnally family, please let me know.

Sincerely, Jean Merchant

Good to hear from you again Jean. I have found absolutely nothing on Ellinor BRANCH. All I have found seems to indicate that Ellinor NUNALLY was the wife of John NUNALLY who died in Buckingham County, Virginia between 1789 to 1804, because she received 1/3 of his land. This land is referred to as on Sharp's Creek, about 15/16 miles NE of the courthouse.

I do not find any indication that Ellinor's maiden name was BRANCH. How did you find that information?


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