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Peyton-Cochran Bible

I found reference to a transcription of the Hiram Peyton COCHRAN Bible. A researcher, Carlene St. John, copied the transcription, writing “This bible is listed in a booklet entitled ‘Collection of Bible Records’ which was Published by the Houston Genealogical Forum, Houston, Texas, September 1963. It is a typed manuscript of Bible records. . .

The Holy Bible published 1824 in Philadelphia by H. C. Carey and I. Lea
H. P. Cochran and Nancy Stoker was married 11 Apr 1816
Robert Peyton was born 1st September 1745
Ann Rush his wife was born 3rd April 1746
The above are H. P. Cochrans’s matronal Grand Parents
John Cochran was born 23rd September 1766
Ann Peyton his wife was born 20th February 1770
H. P. Cochran’s parents
Hiram Peyton Cochran was born 24th February 1790
Nancy Stocker his wife was born 21st April 1795 

The story and lineage of Robert PEYTON and his wife Ann RUSH is on pages 75 and 76 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia” by Edna Barney, 2004.


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Children of Philip Ballard

Carole Magnuson Wrote:
July 20th, 2006 at 11:03 am
Does anyone know the names of the children of Philip Ballard. I believe that he is the father of Delpha Ballard who married Robert Cummins in 1795 in Albemarle? Also her relationship to William Ballard who moved to Monroe County WV in 1793 and was the progenitor of a large line of WV Ballards.

Carol – Philip Ballard is listed with six white souls on the first census of the United States, 1785, in Albemarle County, Virginia and I have come across a few land records for him. Others have credited with a number of Ballard children in Albemarle County, although I have not researched these. One was said to be Philadelphia “Delphia” Ballard who married Robert Cummings. I have no verification for this, so perhaps someone will post here a clue. I am interested in what you have about Delpha Ballard. Do you have any sources for information on her and her husband? As to William Ballard in West Virginia, I know nothing.

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