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Stinsons of Buckingham

This is in answer to a post about the Stinson family:  https://neddysnook.wordpress.com/comments-to-guestbook/#comment-14419  

Kathy – I have not worked on the Stinson family for a long, long time so cannot remember how I got all the pieces together. With researching in burned counties like Buckingham, one has to look at every census record and I think that is how I saw that John and/or Archibald died and his wife became head of household. Then one of his sons, I think it was Washington Stinson, left a will in Buckingham County naming most of the siblings, if I remember correctly. The birthdates mostly came from a bible record at the Library of Virginia: “Harris, Carter, Stinson Family Bible, Buckingham County, Virginia 1805-1943″. The death record of Elizabeth Stinson is at Buckingham also, although I cannot remember if it mentioned her husband’s name or not, as she had been a widow for a long time. I have never found a marriage record for her. I gathered all of the Stinson data before there were genealogy software programs, so it has not been entered electronically yet. I hope to get to do that someday. 

PS: I don’t have any record of a Sarah STINSON as a sibling, as far as I remember.


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