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Thomas and Sarah PEYTON

This post is an answer to Roy Martin who wrote the following:

Thank you so much for publishing your wonderful book on the Peyton’s. Question – on page 143, you list two children for Thomas Peyton and Sarah Maddox. Bill Deyo sent me an email sometime back suggesting that Thomas and Sarah had at least two other children – Anne Carter Peyton and my GG Grandfather James Henry Peyton. James Henry Peyton married Lucy Monteith and they had at least one child, my G Grandfather, Simeon Thomas Peyton, who married Sarah Katherine Grigsby. They had several children including my Gandmother Eva Peyton who Married Ernest Lee Stoffregen of Fredericksburg. Among their children is my mother, Freda Lee Stoffregen who married my father Roy Martin, Sr.

Can you corroborate Deyo’s claim that James Henry Peyton was a son of Thomas Peyton and Sarah Maddox and, also, do you have any family history on Sarah Maddox beyond her parents? Roy

No, on page 143 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” I list only one known child for Thomas and Sarah PEYTON. The other children that I mention are “possible”. I can now verify that James H. PEYTON and Simeon C. PEYTON were children, as they appear on the 1850 Census with Thomas and Sarah. It is likely that there were other children, besides the ones I have found. Perhaps Mr. Deyo can supply his sources for the other children. Although, I cannot verify this about Sarah MADDOX, it is said that her parents were Basil and Margaret (NAILLE) MADDOX of Charles County, Maryland.  There was another James H. PEYTON who married Lucinda and ended up in Missouri. Could he be your ancestor? I don’t know who his parents were.  It would indeed be nice to be able to sort out these PEYTONs from the Fredericksburg area. Many were named James and Charles.


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