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Peyton Revolutionary War Pension File

Revolutionary War Pension Document dated 23 December 1852

On page 168 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” I have recently determined that #267 Nancy PEYTON is the daughter of Charles PEYTON, not of James PEYTON. She is a niece of James PEYTON. I had interpreted her ancestry using an affidavit in the Revolutionary War Pension of Charles PEYTON. Today, I made a new search of the pensions at the National Archives and found that I have overlooked the last page of his pension.

This new revelation caused me to reassess the affidavit I had used to determine the genealogy of this family. I have now concluded that it contains clerical errors. Twice in the document is the phrase that “James PEYTON, Thomas PEYTON and Nancy LIMBRICK” were “heirs at law of James PEYTON, deceased.” Whoever created the 1852 document obviously meant to write that the three named PEYTONs were “heirs at law of Charles PEYTON, deceased,” the Revolutionary War soldier.

The Pension was rejected by the War Department because he did not serve for the required six months. Charles PEYTON seemed to believe that he did indeed serve that length of time. However, no descendants of Nancy LIMBRICK have ever documented their ancestor Charles PEYTON for the DAR, and he still should qualify as a DAR Patriot for his service during 1781, in the Virginia Militia.

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