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Alexandria, Virginia

It was a member of my PEYTON family, Colonel Francis PEYTON, who was on the committee in 1795, tasked with purchasing land for a general burying ground, which became known as Penny Hill Cemetery. It is at South Payne Street, with less than a dozen tombstones remaining.

This post is an answer to a query from Alan about my photograph entitled “To They Cross I Cling” which I posted at “Neddy’s Palaver.” The original image is from my album entitled “Alexandria Cemeteries.” The photo above is the sign at Penny Hll Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia. All of the other old Alexandria Cemeteries are near to or adjoin Penny Hill. I believe the gravestone described above is amongst those in the background, beyond Penny Hill Cemetery.

I never thought to look for the name of the artist, however, I remember reading an extensive discussion on the Internet about the types of monuments that used the phrase “To Thy Cross I Cling,” which I discovered came from the hymn “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me” by Augustus Montague TOPLADY, 1740-1778. This grave marker was placed in 1918, for 24-year-old Elsie JOHNSON, most likely a young victim of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic.


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Continuing my travails with the PEYTONs of Falmouth, in “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” on page 143, I made a  diversion into the parents of John T. ROBERTSON, and apparently I got them wrong. Person #171, Ann PEYTON, does not exist and I know nothing about the parents of person #264, John T. ROBERTSON, who was a PEYTON cousin.

BILL DEYO left the following comment (https://neddysnook.wordpress.com/comments-to-guestbook/#comment-32509) here about the wife of Charles PEYTON (person #170, page 142, of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia”) and the ROBERSON family:

Everything points to Elizabeth being the daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Roberson. Nancy Payton Limbrick and her husband were murdered by her cousin, John T. Roberson, per the newspaper account. John T. Roberson was not the son of George Roberson and Anne Peyton, as you have stated, but was the proven son of John Roberson (and Maria Rogers), son of George Roberson and Fenton Jett. George Roberson was the son of Thomas and Priscilla Roberson. John T. Roberson was a cousin to Nancy Payton Limbrick because his grandfather was a brother of Charles Peyton’s wife, Elizabeth Roberson. Anne Peyton, whom you have stated was the wife of George Roberson, was actually the old maiden sister of George Roberson. Anne Roberson died in 1813, per the White Oak Primitive Baptist Church Records, and a story has been passed down regarding her death.

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