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PEYTON Book of 1891

PEYTON Book of 1891

More than a score of knights and baronets had residence in the colony from time to time, and the descendants of the Diggeses, Fairfaxes, Peytons, Skipwiths, and others are among us still.” ~~Reverend Hayden

Reverend Horace Edwin HAYDEN, was the leading American genealogist of the PEYTON family of Virginia. His celebrated 1891 masterpiece, and his phenomenal research of the Virginia PEYTONS has withstood well the test of time. This Scanned Reprint of “PEYTON, of ‘Iselham,’ Cambridgeshire, England, Gloucester and Westmoreland Counties, Virginia” by Reverend Horace Edwin HAYDEN, M.A., was Extracted From “Virginia Genealogies.”

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