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PEYTON Book of 1891

PEYTON Book of 1891

More than a score of knights and baronets had residence in the colony from time to time, and the descendants of the Diggeses, Fairfaxes, Peytons, Skipwiths, and others are among us still.” ~~Reverend Hayden

Reverend Horace Edwin HAYDEN, was the leading American genealogist of the PEYTON family of Virginia. His celebrated 1891 masterpiece, and his phenomenal research of the Virginia PEYTONS has withstood well the test of time. This Scanned Reprint of “PEYTON, of ‘Iselham,’ Cambridgeshire, England, Gloucester and Westmoreland Counties, Virginia” by Reverend Horace Edwin HAYDEN, M.A., was Extracted From “Virginia Genealogies.”

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Email Responses

I am making a commitment to myself that I will no longer answer ANY emails to anyone I don’t already know; that is – someone who is in my list of contacts! That is why I created this blog. If anyone has a question for me, please post it here, there or anywhere on the Internet, including FaceBook or Twitter (www.twitter.com/ednabarney). I get very frustrated when I write a lengthy and detailed email response to have it bounced because I am considered a Spammer by the email provider of the person who wrote and asked me a question. I do not consider that “Fair Play.”

If your email provider cannot control SPAM and has no way for you to allow people you write to, to respond to you without insulting them, then you need to get another email program. I use Gmail and I don’t see ANY Spam coming through to me. And no real people go into my Spam folder either. Furthermore, as far as I am aware, Gmail does not allow Spammers to use Gmail, so there is no reason I should be considered a Spammer.

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Ann Rhea

This is an e-mail I received from Kelli Rea Webb Oregon on 22 June 2006:

I absolutely love the way you designed your family tree, they are so hard to understand sometimes when you are going back back back……

I just wanted to ask you where you obtained your Rhea family information, starting obviously with Anne. To the point I was curious if you have her parents, siblings names.

That is one family, that has so many variations on the line, I am getting confused. Thank you so much for letting me share your family website, you have done such a wonderful wonderful job, it is quite unique.

I am answering here:

There are many, many records of Ann (Rhea) Turk. Ann Turk is recorded in Augusta County, Virginia land records with her husband. Ann was mentioned in his will in Blount County, Tennessee. In 1836, There is a court record of Ann Turk devising her interest in her brother John Rhea's estate to her grandson. Ann Turk and her brother Robert Rhea were deposed in Monroe County, Tennessee court records 1835-1839. She is mentioned in DAR and other Revolutionary War records as wife of patriot Captain Turk.

The Rhea and Rea families of Albemarle County, Virginia appear to be unrelated to each other; the Rheas came to Albemarle/Augusta area of Virginia from the mountains and the Reas were a family of Tidewater origins.

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James and Mary TURK

  1. Jean May Turk Fairclough Says:
    May 1st, 2006 at 1:35 pm I enjoyed your website. It is really beautiful.I have a question for you. Let me give you some background: I am a direct descendant of Rev. James Fitch (1622-1702) on my mother’s side, and of Robert Turk (1690-1772) on my father’s side (hence my interest in your branch “Turks of Virginia”).

    I and others have run into a snag as to the surname of the spouse of one of our ancestors: James Turk (1719-about 1803), one of the sons of Robert Turk (1690-1772). Some resources show he was married to Mary Collier and some show he was married to Mary Kinkead or Mary Kinkhead. You show that James was married to Mary Kinkead. Do you have a family source for this information? What source caused you to choose “Kinkead” as the surname rather than “Collier”?

    Best wishes, Jean

Jean – To answer your question, James and Mary TURK were mentioned in a land deed on 16 August 1762, in Augusta County. A few years later James Turk of Augusta County, Virginia was involved in a land deed in Albemarle County on 8 September 1768.  On the deed his wife appears to be the daughter of David and Winifred Kinkead (Albemarle County, Virginia Deed Book 5, part 1, pages 17, 18).  I have not seen this particular deed. I have accepted this James as the son of Robert TURK.

On the 1785 Census of Albemarle County, Virginia, James Turk had five white souls and no buildings or dwellings.  He was paid a Public Service Claim in said county before 13 June 1789.  James Turk with 5 white souls was the only Turk in the 1785 census of Albemarle County.  He also was the only Turk on the 1800 Tax List there.

The only mention I have of the James TURK who married Mary Collier is from Helen Turk Watson's "Descendants of William and Margaret Archibald Turk".  I have no sources for anything about him. She said that he died in Carolina and the birth and death dates fit the James Turk of Albemarle, but I didn't find any references about this in her book. The James Turk of Albemarle had some connection to Carolina, as his daughter Elizabeth Finley TURK was educated there. She seems to have been his only child, as he left his landed estate to my ancestor when he died in Albemarle, leaving a will there.

These Turks were from Pennsylvania before they came to Virginia, however there is record of many in this family going south to the Carolinas and returning to Virginia, so it is logical that James and Mary TURK may have done so too. And Mary KINKEAD may have been a second wife. I have no documentation for any children other than Elizabeth. 

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Joseph E. Peyton

Dear Mrs. Barney,
This e-mail is two fold. I am a ” Peyton cousin” and member of the PSV and obtained your email address from the Society’s web site. I am a “Peyton cousin” in that my 4th great-grandfather was William Peyton who married Elizabeth Lacey in Frederick County, Virginia in 1795. That is where I ran into my brick wall, as they say. I do have your book, Peytons Along the Aquia and did find on page 109, the thoughts that he was the son of a George Peyton.

A bit of history of my Peytons – (Joseph E.Peyton – son of William) left Virginia – went to Ohio – and then Joseph’s son Thomas,my great-great grandfather served with the 16th Regiment, Company D of Ohio in the Civil War, after that he came to Pekin, Illinois and is buried here. His daughter (Fannie Peyton) was my great grandmother and she is buried here also.

Also, in the appendix, page VI your book you show an image of Lady Margaret (Bernard) Peyton that was found in a Peyton Of Virginia (1976) book I have the book and am the one who submitted the card to the Peyton Society of Virginia and they put it on their web site. I purchased the book for $100 on Ebay and was surprised to find the card with a note on it and signed with the initials of BPC. – which I am sure is for Bernard Peyton Chamberlain.

I want to compliment you on your web site – I think the music and graphics are exceptional. I visit the site quite often.

I am a board member of our local genealogy society – Tazewell County Genealogy & Historical Society. We are located in Pekin, Illinois – central Illinois.. We are currently in the process of recording the experiences of veterans from World War II and are hoping to obtain about 200 stories. The experiences of these veterans are too important not to be saved for future generations. We have just started this project and hope to be able to have the books for sale in the fall of 2007. All the proceeds will be given to support the genealogy society. We are a 501 (3) (C) corporation and we have only our dues, gifts, and society projects to keep us afloat.

In our book of the veterans remembering their World War II experiences, we are going to list the deceased veterans of our county from World War II. I especially like the flagbar you use on the Revolutionary War Patriots page. Would you consider allowing us to use the flagbar at the top of the pages where we list the deceased veterans? We, of course, would list you in the credits of the book.

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John Henry Daughtry

My fathers’ name was Virgil Joseph Daughtry, his father was Romie Daughtry, his mother was Vertie Dinkle Daughtry and John Henry Daughtry was his grandfather

My niece for a school project researched the Ballards.

Comment by Betty Daughtry Carter — March 9, 2006 @ 11:16 pm

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Welcome Nooksters

To My New Guestbook! ~ an attempt to eliminate spammers. Here’s hoping this effort works. Please enter your comments here. You will need to enter a name and valid e-mail address, however your e-mail will not show to the public. If you have a home page, you may enter its URL. Thank you.
~~Neddy of Neddy’s Nook on the Net

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