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This is a letter I received at my bookstore at Lulu.com/ednabarney from Adrienne Foster Potter, published here with permission, email (coded) as “apnewz  at yahoo dot com” .

I responded about the possible FOSTER connection to the PEYTONS, as I do have reference to a deed of Timothy PEYTON to a FOSTER, on 6 April 1785, in Prince William County, but I have never pursued that. That deed probably doesn’t state relationships, but perhaps it may offer some clues. It would be in the records of Prince William courthouse.

I am not familiar with the John PEYTON (PATTON) described. I don’t know of a John PEYTON, born 1777 in NC. Perhaps someone else reading here will have some information. Perhaps he was from Ireland or from the Gloucester County PEYTON family, which I’ve not followed.

Ms. Barney: Please allow me to compliment you on your outstanding book “Peytons along the Aquia,” which I received today from BarnesandNoble.com.  I was very interested in your account of Timothy Peyton on pgs 55, 56, 106, & 107.  My family has long known about him, and has seen his name spelled as Patin, Patan, and Patton.  I believe we are related to the Peytons because of our ggggg-grandfather, William Peyton Foster b. 1747, who was a soldier of the Revolution.  In his Revolutionary pension file is found the following:

“31 July 1844. Bourbon Co., Ky. Ann T. MALLORY of said county, aged about 68, declares she was born in Prince William Co., Va., and was raised there until she was ten years old. One of her neighbors Leonard HART had a daughter Sarah HART who married William FOSTER in the fall of 1784. She was at the marriage and saw them married. The next spring in June 1785 her father and his family and Sarah and William FOSTER all came together to Bourbon Co., Ky., and settled not far apart. Sarah FOSTER had a child twelve or thirteen months after she was married and her name was Mildred FOSTER and she married Minor HART and now lives in Fayette Co., Ky., and must be 58 years of age. Afterward Sarah FOSTER had several children; some live in Illinois, Missouri and others in Kentucky. She has her father’s account book starting the day they started to Kentucky and it states 2 June 1785. Sarah HART was married to William FOSTER the year before, she thinks in the fall of 1784. They lived together until William FOSTER died, about 17 years past. Sarah married Moses BAKER and she has understood that BAKER died last winter or spring. William and Sarah lived on her father’s farm for many years and when her father, T. PATIN, was killed by the Indians, William FOSTER was one of the men that went and brought him home.
31 July 1844. Bourbon Co., Ky. Sarah D. SCOTT of said county, aged about 67, declares she lived with her father William JAMES [or THOMAS] in his station when William FOSTER [who was a Revolutionary soldier] and his wife Sarah came about 1785 or 1786. In the station she had her first born, Mildred FOSTER, and another before they left the station and moved to T. PATAN’s where they lived and had several children before William FOSTER died. Sarah married Moses BAKER who died last winter or spring.”
Even more interesting is that a number of Pattons are found in our family genealogy, who are probably also related to the Peytons.  In 1824 Sarah Royston Patton (b. 1804) married Aaron Foster (b. 1804 KY), a grandson of William Peyton Foster b. 1747 (above), and the son of Harrison Foster and Anna Margaret Bartlett. Saray Royston Patton was the daughter of John Patton b. Abt 1777 North Carolina (d. 1845 at the Patton Settlement, McLean, IL) and Margaret Wiley b. 1781 MD.
John Patton b. Abt 1777 was the son of George Patton b. Abt 1745, who could very well be one of the George Peytons in your book.  The reason I believe this is that the Fosters also came from Prince William, VA.  The grandfather of William Peyton Foster b. 1747 was William Foster b. 1686 at the Foster Estate at Broadrun, Prince William Virginia.  He married Hannah Elizabeth Unknown.  A number of their descendants were named Peyton (not Patin, not Patan).  I suspect that Hannah Elizabeth was the Elizabeth Peyton b. 1687 mentioned in your book on pg. 27, because Hannah was a nick-name for Elizabeth much like “Polly” was a nick-name for Mary.  John Patton b. abt 1777 and his wife Margaret had 11 children, on which I can give you more information if you are interested.

 In his book “Seedlings of William Foster,” Book II, pg. 6, by Flavius Foster, he writes that William Foster and Timothy Peyton were neighbors in Prince William, VA, who emmigrated together to Bourbon County, Kentucky, where the Peyton Station was founded.  They lived on the station until 1805 and several of their children were born there.  I believe William and Timothy were not just neighbors, but may have been cousins. 


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Continuing my travails with the PEYTONs of Falmouth, in “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” on page 143, I made a  diversion into the parents of John T. ROBERTSON, and apparently I got them wrong. Person #171, Ann PEYTON, does not exist and I know nothing about the parents of person #264, John T. ROBERTSON, who was a PEYTON cousin.

BILL DEYO left the following comment (https://neddysnook.wordpress.com/comments-to-guestbook/#comment-32509) here about the wife of Charles PEYTON (person #170, page 142, of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia”) and the ROBERSON family:

Everything points to Elizabeth being the daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Roberson. Nancy Payton Limbrick and her husband were murdered by her cousin, John T. Roberson, per the newspaper account. John T. Roberson was not the son of George Roberson and Anne Peyton, as you have stated, but was the proven son of John Roberson (and Maria Rogers), son of George Roberson and Fenton Jett. George Roberson was the son of Thomas and Priscilla Roberson. John T. Roberson was a cousin to Nancy Payton Limbrick because his grandfather was a brother of Charles Peyton’s wife, Elizabeth Roberson. Anne Peyton, whom you have stated was the wife of George Roberson, was actually the old maiden sister of George Roberson. Anne Roberson died in 1813, per the White Oak Primitive Baptist Church Records, and a story has been passed down regarding her death.

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On page 144 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” I have recently determined that the children I had given to #172 James PEYTON were actually the children of his brother, #170 Charles PEYTON, on page 142. James PEYTON, according to the 1820 Census of Stafford County, Virginia at Falmouth, seems to have had children, however, at present, I am not certain of their names.

I had gleaned the children of James PEYTON from an affidavit in the Revolutionary War Pension of his brother Charles PEYTON. Yesterday, while researching at the National Archives, I discovered that there was a clerical error in that document. Twice the phrase appears that “James PEYTON, Thomas PEYTON and Nancy LIMBRICK” were “heirs at law of James PEYTON, deceased.” Whoever created the 1852 document obviously meant to write that the three named PEYTONs were “heirs at law of Charles PEYTON, deceased,” the Revolutionary War soldier, brother of James PEYTON.

I posted an image of the affidavit from Revolutionary War Pension R8165 here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/neddy/2475201456/

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Peyton Revolutionary War Pension File

Revolutionary War Pension Document dated 23 December 1852

On page 168 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” I have recently determined that #267 Nancy PEYTON is the daughter of Charles PEYTON, not of James PEYTON. She is a niece of James PEYTON. I had interpreted her ancestry using an affidavit in the Revolutionary War Pension of Charles PEYTON. Today, I made a new search of the pensions at the National Archives and found that I have overlooked the last page of his pension.

This new revelation caused me to reassess the affidavit I had used to determine the genealogy of this family. I have now concluded that it contains clerical errors. Twice in the document is the phrase that “James PEYTON, Thomas PEYTON and Nancy LIMBRICK” were “heirs at law of James PEYTON, deceased.” Whoever created the 1852 document obviously meant to write that the three named PEYTONs were “heirs at law of Charles PEYTON, deceased,” the Revolutionary War soldier.

The Pension was rejected by the War Department because he did not serve for the required six months. Charles PEYTON seemed to believe that he did indeed serve that length of time. However, no descendants of Nancy LIMBRICK have ever documented their ancestor Charles PEYTON for the DAR, and he still should qualify as a DAR Patriot for his service during 1781, in the Virginia Militia.

The image, Charles Peyton Revolutionary War Pension File, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Barneykin’s flickr account.

Visit Neddy’s Archives for more of Edna’s writings.

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Regarding the family of Francis PEYTON (1764-1836) on page 117 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” 2004, it seems the source that I used (#434-#441, page 216) contained a number of inaccuracies. I will update those that I have found so far. There is a Bible record that documents that on 20 October 1789, Francis PEYTON married Sarah FOUSHEE: “Francis PEYTON and Sarah FOUSHEE were married at Alexandria the 20th October 1789.” Sarah (Foushee) PEYTON left a will in Alexandria County, Virginia dated 12 November 1848 (Will Book 5). Francis PEYTON died at Alexandria County, District of Columbia (now Virginia). I find no documentation that Francis PEYTON married before 1786, to a Sarah WEST (1769-1849), as given by source #435, and I do not know who she is.

The son of Francis PEYTON #207 on page 216, is recorded in the PEYTON bible as “Thomas Jefferson,” with a birth-date of 30 September 1797. I am not certain of the ancestry of Thomas West PEYTON (a1782-1819) who served during the War of 1812, and married Sophia Matilda DUNDAS.

I will make a future posting regarding my findings of a Sarah WEST who did marry into the PEYTON family. This is the Sixth Correction to my Peyton book – “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” published 2004. Here is a link to a post on GenForum about this Francis PEYTON, which agrees with my own research: Wesley E. Pippenger.

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Reverend Hayden in his work “Virginia Genealogies,”  published in 1891, on page 464, gave a son James PEYTON for my ancestors, George and Nancy PEYTON of Culpeper County, Virginia. I constructed the lineage of my PEYTON family in 2004, when I my published my PEYTON Genealogy book — 

On pages 110, 111, of that book I included what details I had found about the two James PEYTONs who fit as a son. The James PEYTON of Culpeper County seemed more likely, however I found that his mother was documented to be Lucy. Therefore, I consider the other option, the James PEYTON who lived in Madison County, to be their “presumptive” son.

My Peyton Lineage

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Regarding the Yelverton PEYTON (1735-ante1783) on page 79 of “PEYTONs Along the Aquia,” Peyton researcher Harold Davy has brought to my attention that I had given Yelverton credit for being a soldier of the Revolutionary War. Yelverton has been proven as a DAR Patriot (#A090000) of the war for his service as a member of the Committee of Safety for Stafford County, Virginia, and he performed other service for the war effort, but there is no evidence that he was ever a soldier in that war.

Harold Davey wrote that in addition to his service in 1769, as a Justice of Stafford County, he found records of Yelverton PEYTON having served in 1768, 1772-1773, 1776, and 1780. Thank you Harold.

It was another Yelverton PEYTON who was a soldier in Virginia’s Continental Line (see page 138). This Yelverton PEYTON (1755-1849) received a Revolutionary War pension, #S31291 (not #521291).

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This post is in response to a comment from Bill Deyo left here: https://neddysnook.wordpress.com/comments-to-guestbook/#comment-32509 :

You stated that, per the Revolutionary Pension records of Charles Peyton, that his heirs were the children of James Peyton. Please recheck your records on that, as the heirs of Charles were his own children (Thomas, Valentine, and Nancy/Ann), not the children of his brother, James.

You are correct here Bill and I thank you for showing me this. The information I have under Charles Carter PEYTON regarding his revolutionary war pension, actually belongs to the other Charles PEYTON of the same age in Stafford County, and if I remember correctly, that Charles PEYTON had no heirs and it was his brother’s children who were his heirs. I think that when I wrote the book, I had not found that Charles or thought they were the same Charles.

I will need to look at both pension records of both Charles PEYTONs to sort this out. I never looked at the Charles Carter PETYON pension – didn’t know there was one. Incidentally, although my book does state that the wife of Evan PEYTON was Anne CARTER, I do not have any proof of the CARTER name and would no longer go with that in an updated book. I remember how difficult it was to sort out all of these PEYTONS of this area with all the James, Charles, George and Ann names.

I Have Made UPDATES To the Above Comment, May 2008:
Nancy Peyton Limbrick.

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On page 44, of PEYTONs Along the Aquia, Doctor Valentine PEYTON, died on 10 July 1815, according to new research found on microfilm of the “Fredericksburg Virginia Herald” of July 19, 1815.

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On page 165, of PEYTONs Along the Aquia, Margaret MOORE, the wife of Craven PEYTON, died on 23 April 1873 (not 1973).

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