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Three of my ancestors in Albemarle County, Virginia signed a petition there during the Revolutionary War, 1 November 1776. They were JOHN JAMESON, THOMAS CRAIG and MICAJAH VIA. I have written a treatise of why I consider them to be American patriots because of their signatures. Albemarle County Patriots


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Prudence VIA

I received the following e-mail:

Do you have any idea where Willie Stinson’s farm is??? Prudence Via is buried in it. THANKS AGAIN!

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William and Mary VIA

My 4th Great Grandparents

In the Fall of 2003, I was privileged to a tour of the original home-place of William VIA. It is now part of an organic cattle ranch, although the VIA tract is so rugged and remote that it is used only for hunting. I have uploaded the photographs I took that day of the remnants of the two structures and a cemetery on Pigeon Top Mountain that belonged originally to William and Mary VIA. William VIA, who was a Revolutionary War soldier, is buried in the cemetery.

One structure was definitely their home, as the ruins were bordered by gigantic hedges and roses. The second structure was built on such a steep incline, that it was perhaps the mill that William VIA owned. River and stream courses in this area of Albemarle County have changed considerably over the past 250 years, so I am unsure of how the land looked originally. Accessing the original VIA tract today is quite a challenge.

I uploaded the photos from that day to FLICKr.

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