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My Peyton Book

This post is in response to a comment from Bill Deyo left here:  https://neddysnook.wordpress.com/comments-to-guestbook/#comment-32509

Hi Bill Deyo – 

Thank you very much for purchasing my book. The corrections that I have made thus far are published here: https://neddysnook.wordpress.com/peytons-along-the-aquia/ .

You have given me so much to digest that it will take some time to review it all, but I will. If I come to agreement with you, I will correct my writings at the above site.

I have since the publication of the book discovered some new history of the PEYTONS which I hope to publish someday. Meanwhile, I will take a look at what you have uncovered. It indeed sounds interesting. I will respond here at this site.

Edna Barney 


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