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Email Responses

I am making a commitment to myself that I will no longer answer ANY emails to anyone I don’t already know; that is – someone who is in my list of contacts! That is why I created this blog. If anyone has a question for me, please post it here, there or anywhere on the Internet, including FaceBook or Twitter (www.twitter.com/ednabarney). I get very frustrated when I write a lengthy and detailed email response to have it bounced because I am considered a Spammer by the email provider of the person who wrote and asked me a question. I do not consider that “Fair Play.”

If your email provider cannot control SPAM and has no way for you to allow people you write to, to respond to you without insulting them, then you need to get another email program. I use Gmail and I don’t see ANY Spam coming through to me. And no real people go into my Spam folder either. Furthermore, as far as I am aware, Gmail does not allow Spammers to use Gmail, so there is no reason I should be considered a Spammer.


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