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William and Mary VIA

My 4th Great Grandparents

In the Fall of 2003, I was privileged to a tour of the original home-place of William VIA. It is now part of an organic cattle ranch, although the VIA tract is so rugged and remote that it is used only for hunting. I have uploaded the photographs I took that day of the remnants of the two structures and a cemetery on Pigeon Top Mountain that belonged originally to William and Mary VIA. William VIA, who was a Revolutionary War soldier, is buried in the cemetery.

One structure was definitely their home, as the ruins were bordered by gigantic hedges and roses. The second structure was built on such a steep incline, that it was perhaps the mill that William VIA owned. River and stream courses in this area of Albemarle County have changed considerably over the past 250 years, so I am unsure of how the land looked originally. Accessing the original VIA tract today is quite a challenge.

I uploaded the photos from that day to FLICKr.


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“To The Honorable” is the second poem written by his grandfather, Harry RICHARDSON, that Tasman RICHARDSON sent to me. Harry Richardson and Family

To The Honorable

Oh wonderful August how fair to behold

All mantled with garments embroidered with green

Recrowned with a garland of rich marigold

Say where art thou going and where hast thou been

Just out in the meadow where dandelions bloom

With daisies and buttercups shining with dew

Then spread out a carpet to lay in my room

Now that’s where I been and the skylight so blue


I soon shall be married ere summer is fled

The bridegroom is ready for me all is well

Our home is selected and so is our bed

So you know where I’m going tomorrow to dwell

Church bells will be ringing; we’ll have a grand feast

The sun in the morning will shine from the east

A nice surprise party, we’ll sing, play and dance

I’m ready to step in life’s carriage of chance


Our mansion is built for a Queen and a King

Antique are the gables with tall chimney capes

An aviary for birds that can whistle and sing

And green house for clustering peaches and grapes

Contented in business we’ll toil like the bee

Convolvulus and passionflower climbing the wall

We’ll wait for the fruit of the Mulberry tree

Fair August the tenant and owner of all


Edward William Henry RICHARDSON

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Rosina, Rosina

Two poems written by E.W.H. Richardson were sent to me from his grandson, Tasman Richardson. Edward William Henry “Harry” RICHARDSON was married to Rosina. The email from Tasman was entitled “Poems of My Grandfather”.

“ROSINA, ROSINA”, Words by E.W.H. Richardson.

Rosina, Rosina, my pride and devotion,

Awake from your slumber, and banish despair,

By all that is golden, and blue o’er the ocean,

God Bless you my darling, and Erin so fair.

Apart we have drifted, for many years severed,

Sad fate wrecked devotion on Erin’s fair isle.

Tho’ almost forgotten, the colleen I treasured,

A love beam is shining for you all the while.


I love you forever, whatever may follow,

The dewdrops refreshing, the shamrock divine,

Oh! Had I the wings and the speed of the swallow,

I’d fly to your bosom, and to it press mine.

Once more with sweet roses, I yearn to come nearer,

Your presence, and sorrow and pain to defy,

Awake from your slumbers, affection grows dearer,

Poor Paddy is anxious to know your reply.


Midst strangers I’ve ventured, and faced many dangers,

But never despaired for the want of new grace.

Then give me sweet Erin, the land of my fathers,

Killarney for beauty, and home rule for peace.

Rosina, Rosina, I linger to cherish,

The harp and my darling to fondle again,

With lips underied (?) and a smile of real Irish,

Affinity lives and divine love shall reign.

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